The Timber Technology Unit is the latest industrial development undertaken by Bodino, which at the beginning of 2017 acquired Stratex, a leading company in the wooden structures and buildings market.

Bodino has worked as a General Contractor in the wood sector for decades; with this acquisition, it seeks to integrate its existing industrial production internally to ensure control of the supply chain and become a competitive partner and reference point in international markets.

Green buildings, school buildings, gyms and swimming pools, social housing, places of worship, commercial buildings, company headquarters, industrial establishments and special structures are just some of the past creations we can boast of.

Glulam structures meet the most complex constructive requirements of contemporary buildings: the cutting-edge automation of Bodino's production processes allows it to express the great potential of wood, including its lightness, resistance and stability, and to render it a constructive element with high technical and functional performance representing a fascinating combination of nature and technology.

The Production Unit is located in the newly revamped and restyled production plant in Sutrio (UD), in the heart of Carnia. In this area glulam structures, just like wooden houses, are created using only carefully selected raw materials and support materials, starting with spruce wood from central-northern Europe, which is known for its regular composition and specific mechanical properties. Once assembled in the company and constructed on site by experienced internal operators, the structures reflect the highest quality and aesthetic standards and are the best example of modern, multi-functional, healthy and sustainable spaces.

The Production Unit occupies 30,000 square surface metres, 12,000 of which are covered, and has 4 CAD/CAM wood machining centres with 3/4/5-axis technology that process large beams and panels. We can process beams up to 8x40 m in size and panels up to 2600x6000 mm; we also have a production line for straight/curved glulam and a line for the production of framed wall/slab panels. The glulam line can produce elements with sizes up to 250x4000 cm, and the framed panels line up to 320x1260 cm.

Bodino offers the know-how of its technical office in the Timber Technology Unit to provide advice for everything relating to construction: from the design phase to feasibility studies, the preparation of structural calculation spreadsheets and the final installation.

The management of this process is entrusted to ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, which through constant research, quality control at every production phase and constant investments in innovation and technology has led the Unit to earn all the most prestigious industry certifications required by European legislation, further guaranteeing the high level at which the company continues to offer its services.

Our team of industry experts will be happy to meet your requirements and answer your questions. For more information on the Timber Technology Unit, to know all the projects and to showcase our skills and competences in the field, please contact the email address:

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