The Museums & Exhibitions Unit is the oldest and most recognised specialisation unit of BODINO; for decades, it has been a leading company in the design and manufacture of both permanent and temporary integrated exhibition and museum solutions, as well as multimedia technologies.

BODINO knows how to best support Public and Private Organisations and Commissions in projects to enhance "containers", as well as brands of high prestige and cultural and commercial value, such as Museums, Exhibitions and Cultural Spaces, International Expositions and Trade Fairs.

The strengths of our organisation lie in our sophisticated organisational "problem solving" approach and guaranteed and solidified company know-how fuelled by over a decade of commitment to national and international projects.

Directly in its Production Unit dedicated to this sector, BODINO designs and creates all the complex installation structures (scenery, exhibition modules, special structures, technological content) based on the design proposal of the Client or the Designer it has commissioned, sharing its skills and acquired experience, but also value engineering solutions.

The main objective is to support our customers in the various design phases of a new installation, be it a stand, a large hall or a museum, with an integrated approach that is never limited to the choice and use of standardised elements available on the market, but is capable of enhancing its future purpose in all its uniqueness. Thus exhibition methods become an integral part of the design in order to enhance the structure's content, emphasising the brand communication world's ever greater goal of sensoriality.

In addition to implementing executive designs developed by external studios, BODINO's technical office is able to offer project support for the design and construction of new, complex and "integrated" projects, with complete solutions tailored to the customer. To ensure the highest production standards required by the market and international regulations, BODINO undertakes continuous, structured research and development of techniques, methods and materials that are used in different design and production phases. These are all adopted along with the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to allow the traceability of every single element, regardless of whether it relates to design, procurement, logistics or maintenance of the structure created. Technical solutions and the choice of sustainable materials, the enhancement of exposure, lighting, communication and innovative multimedia systems: these are the areas which our company will continue to research and experiment with. All this is carried out by our professionals with passion and expertise.

Our team of industry experts will be happy to meet your requirements and answer your questions. For more information on the Museums & Exhibitions Unit, to know all the projects and to showcase our skills and competences in the field, please contact the email address:

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