• overview

    BODINO MANAGEMENT is the brain of the Company.

    Il Project Management Office (PMO) The Project Management Office (PMO) is made up of architects and engineers with strong management and technical know-how, able to fully understand projects' complexity and the strategic management of scheduling throughout the entire process.
    Highly skilled internal resources who have developed specific skills in the core disciplines fill the roles of Project Manager.
    Our ability to handle projects with a global and multidisciplinary vision is a significant strength.
    The PMO's main objective is to ensure project quality and the precise definition of execution times and costs.

    Project planning and implementation

    From small-scale projects to more complex orders, project planning and implementation are dealt with using different methodologies: strategic planning, construction process management and risk analysis.

    Strategic planning

    Our Project Management team analyses all a project's variables in order to define the objectives and a sound time and cost schedule; the result is a reduction in operating expenses, personnel costs, increased efficiency and productivity and the achievement of operational flexibility.

    Construction process management

    BODINO MANGEMENT manages every phase of a construction project, construction site organisation and logistics, reporting, constructive design management, purchasing, project cost management, quality assurance, performance measurement and financial management through a proven management and control system.