The Fit Out Unit represents the flagship of BODINO in terms of prestige and the quality of its creations. In recent years, this Production Unit has seen strong international expansion that has led BODINO to operate in a high-profile segment in the Fit-Out sector thanks to its ability to carry out each creation with meticulous and impeccable management organisation, without ever losing sight of the quality assurance objectives and the Customer's expectations.

Years of experience acquired in high-end fit-outs has allowed BODINO to perfect its experience and become a valuable and reliable partner on the world market for a wide range of projects such as: retail, luxury residential, offices, food & restaurants, theatres, auditoriums, hotels, public spaces and shopping centres, infrastructures, etc.

The Fit-Out Unit deals with the design, supply, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and post-sales services of 'interiors' in the widest sense of the term and, together with ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT, covers the entire process while always meeting the Customer's expectations.

Even if Bodino is highly specialised, it also works as a General Contractor for the development of special, turnkey projects in the Fit-Out world, dealing with civil works that accompany the renovations of buildings in various sectors (hotels, offices, private residences, auditoriums, theatres, shopping centres, architectural finishes of complex infrastructures, etc.).

The Unit constantly pursues the corporate philosophy and the same values in terms of service and excellence, benefiting from its global dimension and highly qualified internal know-how.

BODINO constantly collaborates with renowned customers and architects around the world, helping to develop both individual and repetitive custom projects (as in the case of hotels). The process of continuous improvement is affirmed through constant investments in research and development of innovative and sustainable solutions and materials, and this is clearly visible in each of the creations that Bodino faces with resolve and unique positivity.

Dedicated Task Forces are created for each project. Under the direction of the Project Manager, our engineers, architects and production technicians work together to meet the customer's needs, using everything they have available: technology, innovative materials and above all a great ability to handle complex construction sites and logistics, and especially challenging timeframes.

Intelligent planning is an indispensable tool in handling extremely complex contracts, maximising efficiency and reducing criticalities.

Our team of industry experts will be happy to meet your requirements and answer your questions. To learn more about Fit Out, to know all the projects and to illustrate our skills and competences in the field, please contact the email address:

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