The Façades & Special Structures Unit is the company's sector that can boast the most emotional, visual and especially technological impacts worldwide.

The historic presence of our Metallic Carpentry and Glass Processing Workshops has always been considered a unique reference point for our Customers.

In fact, Bodino is proud of its long history in the production of steel and glass structures, which can be considered a precursor to new constructive technologies.

The brand Bodino has become synonymous with design skills, project management and high quality, factors which are certainly a competitive advantage in the industry and constitute the Company's primary Objectives.

The Façade and Special Structures Unit provides its Team and know-how, and is able to address any kind of demand in the field of special structures and complex architectural coverings of large buildings, guaranteeing the actualisation of the ideas of the international landscape's greatest designers.

Architectural trends are increasingly leaning towards the highest levels of complexity with the use of unique, custom forms which require ever greater technical skills and high-quality levels of constructive processes.

Bodino is able to manage and excel in all the design and engineering aspects involved in the creation of new facade systems or special structures, while complying with all the technical features of the design and the architect's desired aesthetic aspect, which often combines innovation, transparency, lightness and elegance: the accurate combination of steel and glass in these constructions is particularly suitable to satisfy these aspects.

Our EN1090 and SOA OS18A and OS18B certifications guarantee our customers the reliability, quality and security of our creations; added to this are the functionality, efficiency, environmental sustainability, stability and durability of our projects, which for their architectural nature are almost never conventional.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to become a turnkey-project construction company: our work as an "Integrated General Contractor" is based on our ability to generally coordinate the construction project and the complete supervision of the works, all guaranteed by the internal production capacity that the Bodino Industries are able to offer.

Customers can therefore rely on a partner for the design, production and execution of their projects.

Our team of industry experts will be happy to meet your requirements and answer your questions. For more information on the Facades and Special Structures Unit, to know all the projects and to showcase our skills and competences in the field, please contact the email address:

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