• overview

    BODINO ENGINEERING is the Company's central unit and its core. All business processes are initiated here:
    Commercial Development is an essential activity for best understanding the markets to invest in in terms of research and prospecting.
    Access to qualification platforms for large clients and its extensive portfolio of references in the Business Unit's specialisation areas allow BODINO to be selected to participate in bidding and Quotation Requests that are managed internally by the Tender Department and by our specialised technical resources in the various segments.

    We internally develop the comprehensive, all-around concept design and engineering process of our creations, supporting the great names in architecture thanks to our highly qualified Technical Office which knows how to best cope with every phase of Design:

    • - Feasibility Studies
    • - Architectural Design
    • - Structural Design
    • - Construction Design
    • - Integrated Design
    • - BIM Design
    • - Graphic Design

    Bodino has a design team dedicated to design at all levels, whose professionals are confronted with complex and often unconventional designs ranging from temporary to permanent.
    One of our indubious strengths is the interaction process between the various disciplines, which allows us to enhance the architectural aspect thanks to the "integrated design".
    The BIM approach has become a daily practice at Bodino.
    BODINO's constructive design perfectly incorporates elements of the composite sphere with those of the engineering sphere, creating the right balance between aesthetics and engineering, component durability, maintenance, environmental sustainability and construction cost control.

    The Team devoted to structural design boasts remarkable knowledge of complex designs, which have been evolved and refined thanks to the company's important experiences in the various fields.
    Every project acquired that becomes 'constructive' in our Engineering Division is then sent to Production, which creates everything according to specifications.

    • - Prototyping
    • - Pre-assembly
    • - Pre-testing
    • - Production
    • - Logistics and Assembly

    The primary goal of the entire process is the satisfaction of our Customers.