Bodino Engineering is an Italian leading edge company specializes in the design and creation of temporary and permanent architectural structures and fittings for indoor and outdoor use.
Bodino Engineering carries out an in-depth analysis of customer requirements and then carries out the client’s ideas leading to the creation of exclusive products, offers to its clients over 70 years of experience and care for detail coupled with high production capacity. This allows delivery of our technical solutions within tight timescales and with the same standard of quality all over the world.



Bodino Engineering was established as a manufacture and bronze foundry in Turin. From 1932, year of foundation, the Company follow the request of customers, architects and designers, has rapidly transformed, developing skills in the use of materials and technologies, becoming a Leader in the International arena in the creation of special structures and exhibitions.
At the beginning of 2011, ABC S.r.l. take over the Bodino Engineering succeeding in a short time to regain the confidence of the market through recapitalization of the company and through the new internal management of resources, decisions that, at the end of 2011, return to Bodino Engineering the role of Leader.



Investments targeted to the development of resources of capacity production, allow Bodino Engineering to manage entirely inside the Company the devolution process from concept to construction increasing the number of customers. Bodino Engineering actually employs approximately 64 people in its offices and in its plants, in which lie workshops, technical and designing areas, warehouses for the integrated logistics.



Bodino Engineering presents an organizational structure composed by functional units that works in close operative interconnection, responding specifically to the needs of each project, guaranteed flexibility and professionalism.


In-depth project analysis
Consistency of execution
Functional versatility


General coordination of all the professionalism
Planning of operative timing


Consolidating and development customers
Market strategies
Product strategies


Metal-steel-glass workshop
Graphic production, signage and signs


Systematic monitoring of suppliers
Costs control
Quality control
Optimization of operations, traffics and handling


Classification divided for client and type of materials
Computerized procedures of handling update in real time
Optimization of volumes and of packages


Public relation and marketing
Activity of managing and control administration
Competitive tender office


Bodino Engineering supports its customers throughout the entire process leading to the realization of an idea or a project, whether high-tech or predominantly dramatic impact.The approach is that of a society aware of the needs of integrated communications that underlie the organization of an event or the creation of an architectural structure, permanent or temporary.Resources reside not only in the industrial know-how Bodino Engineering but also in the solid network of contacts and partners that integrate comprehensive supply.
The offer of Bodino Engineering develops on four operative units:

  • Architecture
  • Building
  • Exhibition
  • Engineering

Architecture in perfect balance between aesthetics and function.
Commercial ventures, museums, banks, shops, conference halls, music halls, offices and contract services.
This unit operates with architects, designers and interior design experts.


Construction of buildings and industrial buildings in general.
Restructuring and maintenance of properties.
Restoration of buildings under protection in the field of cultural and environmental heritage.


Concept, ideas, drawings: our mission is realize.
Steel, glass, metals, street furnishings, prototypes and mock ups.
This unit operates with engineers and architects to create permanent architectural or structural work.


Who commission an exhibition to Bodino Engineering want more than a Stand.
Stands, exhibitions, events, signs and graphics, warehousing and rental services.
This unit operates with professionals, architects and agencies turning communication into concrete work.



SOA (declaration which qualifies the company to perform public work):

  • OG1 – Civil and industrial buildings
  • OG2 – Restoration and maintenance of real estate subject to protetion
  • OG11 – Technological installations
  • OS6 – Finishing done on general work in wood, plastic, metal and glass materials for services
  • OS18-a – Steel and metal structural components, for construction and planning services
  • OS18-b – Glass structural components for facade.

ISO 9001:2008 – Quality certification according to the standards of UNI EN.